Saturday, December 25, 2010

Am I really doing this?

The days when I decided to turn my life into a challenge of whether or not I deserve some 'royal' me time seem so long ago and's been just over a week since I proposed 'the' question to the world. Can I become my own "leading lady"? Why, yes, world I do believe I can. I believe the better question is  "Will I?" Will I have 'the balls' to go forth with my decision to 'shred it' up? Why, yes, world I do believe I do. But again, Will I? The answer comes with a bit of struggle but YES, world, I will. So please arm yourselves ladies (and gent). We are going to embark on Jillian Michael's 30 day shred starting tomorrow, as promised. If you are with me, now is the time to do it! There is no better time. If you are like me, I resisted nothing when it came to food today. I have been completely loyal to my 'no cookie rule'. Instead, I ate 3 pieces of pie and 1 piece of cake...for As I sit here, I can literally feel the fat settle into my thighs and most certainly, tomorrow, guaranteed, I will feel it jiggle under my arms as I wave 'hello' to my wee little daughter playing 'peek a boo'. This feat doesn't come without some challenges. We all will have our 'excuses'. Remember, the adversary works the hardest on those that work for a better tomorrow. The temptations will sometimes seem like they will never end. The general rule for all is when we seek to do good, there is always someone seeking to destroy right behind us. Don't let them pass you. Don't let them lead your new path. And I will do the same. This is a no passing zone. It is time to show some womanly strength. If we can give birth, we can most definitely do a squat.... unfortunately, (and if you are guy or not a mother you will feel a moment of being 'grossed out' BUT) I am terrified of the fact that my bladder has to withstand a 'jumping jack' or anything really that may cause my body to move abruptly. Some things are never the same after giving birth. I may have motherly super powers but my bladder is NOT one of them. Am I rambling? Oh well, bare with me. I am struggling to find excuses why I shouldn't do this but having seen my own doctor recently I have been informed that I have the complete go ahead to rebuild the 'mother'regions. You know what I mean, right? That belly 'pooch' that seems to remind you through your own laughter that it is still there, jiggling to the point that you think you may need to pop a dramamine if it doesn't stop moving soon. Or how about the extra chin that only shows up whenever someone points a camera in your if it likes to hide in our denial but show itself when someone wants your (it's) attention. OR!did you ever have 'expanding' feet issues while you were pregnant? And every doctor says, the best cure is labor and delivery! Surprise, those favorite pair of heels 'pre-baby' still aren't fitting 10 months later. So what happened to that magic cure, doctor? And every time you are reaching for your Sunday best you be sure to grab the longest pair of boots you got to hid that little fat wrinkle just belong the knee. You know the one! Don't kid yourself. And somehow people still manage to over look how much weight you have put on and compliment you on how thin you look since having the baby. Well, obviously, if you seen me 9 months pregnant and then see me today, I am considerably thinner. Face it people. This is no 'pre-baby' body stomping around on your floor boards. That stomping is not me throwing a fit. That stomping is me searching for another cracker... All the more reason for me to end this crazy blog for the night and find myself some sleep. Bring it 30 day shred!!! I will blog after my near death experience with exercise.