Thursday, December 30, 2010

Feeling like Super Woman

So I may not have a bodacious bod (in my mind), or the long flowing healthy locks of hair, super powers, or the cool costume BUT as I sit here on Day #5, I am feeling powerful! My muscles ache but my mind hasn't been so clear or open since before my pregnancy with Gladys. True exercise really can change your life. I haven't done the 'shred' yet today but I am excited to do it. I have noticed myself getting stronger through out the work out. I believe the importance of feeling change far out weighs the importance of seeing change. I know that I won't be 'bodacious' anytime soon and if you are my husband right now, you are scoffing. Sweet, ain't he? Anyway...I hope everyone else who enlisted are truly applying themselves. Remember that it is yourself that suffers and if we suffer, our children do. My own daughters are completely entwined and in tune to me as if we are one soul working in tandem. So I know that my actions are working on them also. Gladys woke up yesterday at 8am, supercharged! Generally she is closer to noon before joining the real world. Rhondalynn was so impressed by my workouts, she decided last night to do it with me. Her efforts pushed me to do more and be more. I was hit with the reality, as we all are several times a week, that I am her leading example... and then WAM! there it was. I am HER leading lady. And with that realization, I feel a greater responsibility to these workouts, my eating habits, my water effort, everything that I have spoken of has some how reached a new level of personal expectations and I hope that this will continue to drive me forward. I may not be at the place in my life where I am ready to be 'my own' but I have been ready from the time that I first held my first born, to be 'her's'. I am my daughter's leading lady. There is no other I would rather them to look to in their time of need, time of entertainment, time of comfort, time of hunger, time of sleep, etc. etc. Today this blog may not be full of the 'ha-ha' funny sarcasms because I found a little bit of time to be humble about the job that Heavenly Father has entrusted me with and I need and want to seek out a better way for HIM and my family. It starts with me. I do need to be selfish for an hour a day. That saying, "If mama ain't happy... no one is" holds great truth in my house. If I can continue to strive for 'me' time, I will have found the time that I need to find these quiet realizations that will drive me forward in my life. As I begin to feel stronger over the next week (being optimistic), I think I will add 30 minutes of bike time to my workouts. So speaking of work outs! I have some tips for anyone else doing the "Shred". Sip water throughout the day and it will help with any cramping you might experience. Go pee immediately before your work out. When it aches the next morning, keep your body moving and by afternoon you will be ready to 'Shred' it up. When you can't possibly do another second of whatever you are doing, push ups, butt kicks, jumping jacks, lunges, etc etc... SCREAM into it. Keep your breathing steady with your movements and SCREAM into your exhale. Your household may go into panic mode, but you will feel a great sense of strength. Don't hold back. If you hold back, you are holding back the blessings of seeing your life change. Remember, YOU! wanted this. YOU! It has to be about YOU! and when  YOU! are ready to collapse, remember to let your family take care of YOU! Consider it payback.